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Sample Inventory: Brantford, ON


Sample Inventory: Canmore, AB


How We Help Clients

Birch Natural Assets provides leading edge natural asset management services to land owners and managers across Canada.

Business Cases

Birch Natural Assets can be used to build a business case for investments in the maintenance and enhancement of natural assets.

Policy Compliance

Municipal governments are increasingly required to manage their natural assets in a manner consistent with built assets, Birch Natural Assets provides an approach for doing so.

Climate Resiliency

Birch Natural Assets helps identify natural assets that provide climate resiliency empowering decision makers with information that will reduce and prevent the negative impacts of climate change.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

By valuing the services provided by natural assets, Birch Natural Assets allows clients to consider such benefits in light of the cost of alternative management decisions to identify the most cost effective management investments.

Built and Natural Assets

Municipal governments provide a host of services to local citizens, Birch Natural Assets provides a system for considering service provision from built assets on a level playing field with natural assets.


Birch Natural Assets empowers clients with spatial representations of the type and extent of their natural assets allowing them to make informed decisions about land use plans and development trajectories.

Education and Awareness

Birch Natural Assets provides a framework for valuing the services provided by natural assets to help citizens and land owners understand the importance of such assets and the need to protect them.

Nature Based Solutions

Birch Natural Assets helps decision makers identify and manage critical natural assets to increase climate resiliency, save money and deliver a host of services to local citizens.

Spatial Analytics

Birch Natural Assets conducts spatial analysis of natural assets to help managers and owners optimize ecosystem services such as water filtration and stormwater management.

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